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VMWare Fusion with Windows To Go

Recently I was working on a task to build Windows To Go [W2G] and all I have with me is a Macbook. I have VMWare Fusion with me and Windows 10 installed but in order to test the W2G is a pain because either I need to have another notebook/desktop or I have to reboot my Macbook to test it out.

You can setup a custom Virtual Machine and modify the HDD space to 0.01GB or even delete the HDD..
Because we are booting up with W2G we dun need the HDD as all.

After created the Virtual Machines, open Terminal and do the following steps.

  1. type cd “~/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized/(Virtual Machine Name)” and press enter.
  2. type vim “(Virtual Machine Name).vmx and press enter
  3. move to second row of text and press “i” to edit.
  4. type firmware=”efi” and press enter.
  5. press esc follow by : and then type wq and press enter.

The above steps is to change the boot up system to UEFI mode.
Now you can boot up your Virtual Machine and quickly connect your W2G thumb drive..
Your should be able to see your W2G thumb drive booting up.

Note: If the Windows Boot Manager does not open, shutdown the virtual machine and add the line given below to the .vmx file.

efi.legacyBoot.enabled = “TRUE”