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Create commands to run Windows App in batch files

1. Press Start button and Search for POWERSHELL.
2. Run the below command to get a list of Windows Apps installed
a. Get-appxpackage > $home\Desktop\WinApps.txt
3. Go to your Desktop and open a file call WinApps. I recommend to use Notepad to open it.
4. Go to Edit and use Find to look for your program
5. Locate “PackageFamilyName” value. That’s your program execution code for later on

6. Locate “InstallLocation” value. That’s where the program location.

7. Copy the location and go to that folder with your explorer.exe
8. In the folder, look for AppxManifest.xml

9. Open it. (Recommended to open with Internet Explorer or Chrome)
10. Use Find and look for the word “Executable”

11. In that same string of words, look for “ID”. That’s another program execution code.

12. With all you find, you are ready to run you’re the command line to open Windows App.

Below is an example of MS Paint 3D running in command line.
explorer.exe shell:appsfolder\Microsoft.MSPaint_8wekyb3d8bbwe!Microsoft.MSPaint