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The New Has Come …

Looking back at the days when I bought my 1st Macbook when I started out in the working world, this has been 7 years and 9 months.  Remember the days when I was envying each of my friends that they own such a good buddy and finally I get mine in 1st March 2008 . The emotions was not that much but was grateful that my friend willingly to help me sign the 0% interest installment.  And now this buddy of mine has retired. He has gone through many surgeries throughout these years, change of keyboard, change of HDD, upgrade of RAM, replaced of battery and adapter and changed of the bezel of the Macbook (done by Apple Care).  In fact he was actually started hardly use 2 to 3 years ago since he stated to run slowly. He also has a malfunction keyboard, and bloated battery as well. I only used him when I need to process my RAW photos.

On 7th December 2015, I decided to find another buddy to replace him and give him a good send off (R.I.P). As many people know, Macbook don’t come cheap. This new buddy cost me nearly $2K. As he is not able to upgrade by me, I has to customise before getting him. Currently he is Macbook Air 13″, i7 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and the rest are standard. Also, he is in installment but this time, I got it myself.

New Macbook Air

Macbook White with Screen Flipup
Macbook White with Screen Flipdown