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Recently I been facing this error “verr_vd_vmdk_invalid_header” from virtualbox at my workplace. This is due to inproper shutdown of virtual machine and corrupted the file.

The solution to resolve this is easy.
Make sure you quit your VirtualBox software first before proceed.
Quit and not close.
Please follow the instructions closely to get your error resolved.

  1. Download the trial version of VMWare Fusion from VMWare website. Download link can be found at the end of the blog.
  2. Install the software.
  3. After installation has been completed, run the program. It is located in Applications folder.
  4. Click “Create a custom virtual machine” and click continue.
  5. Leave the selection as “Window 10 x64” and click continue.
  6. Select “Use an existing virtual disk” and click “choose virtual disk”.
  7. Click the virtual disk that has the inaccessible error.
    Default location of the file is store at:
    “/Users/(Username>)/Virtual Box VMs/(Virtual Machine Name)/”
  8. Please choose “Share this virtual disk with the virtual machine that created it” at the option and click choose.
  9. Click continue and then click finish.
  10. Then click save to save the virtual machine.
  11. Now the virtual machine will automatically start to run.
  12. If the virtual machine is able to run, that means your image is still working.

  13. On the menu bar, you can click Virtual Machine and click Shut Down to turn off the virtual machine.

Now try to run the virtual machine on your VirtualBox and see if it able to boot up properly.

VM Fusion: https://www.vmware.com/go/try-fusion-en