PNP Detected Fatal Error

Recently there is an issue with Window Update and Asus UX303 notebook and if you happen to face this blue screen, do not need to panic. Your data is still intact and need not to format/reset your notebook. This applies too all PNP_Detected_Fatal_Error.

What you need to do is let it error for a few times and you will is the Windows boot with automatic repair.

After a while, you will see the repair fail. Select “Advanced Option” from here

Select “Troubleshoot”

Select “Advanced Option”

Select “Startup Settings”

Press “Restart” to reboot.

After Windows reboot, you will see the screen above. Select 4 or 5 to boot into Safe Mode.

After you boot into Safe Mode, you can start to backup your data. To resolve the issues, you must update all your drivers to the latest version. The most trusted driver update program I trust is SDI (need to download from torrent) or you can download all your drivers from the Asus Support webpage.