Read Write for NTFS on Mac OS

Many of us know having a Mac is awesome (Sorry but I’m stereotyping) but the most irritating thing is that we cannot share files that is more than 4GB with Window user. This is because thumbdrive, which is formatted as FAT32, cannot hold any files that is more than 4GB. We normally have no issues with movies and music but we would have such problems if we are sharing software installations.¬†Of course we can use HDD but as we know, most HDD are formatted as NTFS in windows and mounting this format on our Mac OS is not an issue. The real issue is that we can only read but not write. Meaning we can only read and copy files but not able to drop any files into the HDD. There are many solutions in the market but most of them are not free and free ones are not that simple. Recently I read up some articles teaching us to edit fstab files to get your NTFS mount as read and write. I find that these steps are hassles and not friendly to normal Mac user. So I just created an applescript for user just to run the script and everything runs behind the background. Below is the download link.

I will explain the coding in my next post.